April 2017 Updates Mid-Month

Features Updated in This Release

Cases List
  • New Filtering – we have added the ability to filter your cases similarly to users. This adds the ability to sort by company, hierarchy, sales manager, casemanager and tags.
  • Case Tags – we have added case tags to give you the ability to create filters that are unique to you. For example; if you create a 1035 tag on a case you could filter the case list for that tag.
  • Remembering Your Filters – you can now create a filter and we will remember that filter each time you go to the case list.
  • Export Cases – When you export cases from the All Cases tab, we now allow you to export your filtered case list. For example: If you want to export all cases from XYZ Commission Parent with a Pending Status you can create that filter and export only those cases.

Bugs Fixed in This Release

  • in Users Details, Save Changes has been fixed to save all data