Frequently Asked Questions

No, the mobile app is available for you and your agents to use. You can click here to access it in the store. If you are interested in white labeling an app there would a fee.

YES! We welcome integration in our open-architecture model. This means even if it seemingly competes with our service we will talk. Typically the request needs to generate from you though.

Yes, we do create commission statements.  We automate the process of creating commission statements.  So whether you are providing marketing credits, bonuses, or have license only agents we automate the creation of these statements from your choice of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Yes we do keep commission data.  We provide a commission grid which allows you to assign the levels you would like to display to your Users.  You are responsible for setting and updating your commission grids, but as we update the data, these commission grids automatically update.

Yes you can run Term and GUL spreadsheets.  We provide the ability to run quotes on your own or securely request, send and track your quotes.

No we do not provide case status feeds.  We are actively working with Insurance Companies now to provide case feeds and expect to have several completed in 2017.

No we do not charge a per seat fee.  Our pricing is based on the number of Active Agents you have in your subscription.  Our pricing can be found HERE.